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We work at multiple scales on questions related to hydrology and water resources with emphases on human-ecosystem interactions, water quality, and ecological modeling.

If you think these match your background and research interests, and you are motivated to join us in Florida – your next step would be to email me ( a short note introducing yourself, including your CV and standardized test scores.

Serious applicants are encouraged to formally apply to our department. We are always open to serious inquiries. Candidates selected for admission are offered research assistantships that cover tuition costs and provide a monthly stipend. Our main criteria in selecting students for our program are suitability of undergraduate and graduate training, GPA, research and career interests, and GRE scores.

Specific application information can be obtained here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

— Jim Jawitz

Departmental Deadlines for Application:

  • 1 February for August registration
  • 1 October for January registration

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