what we do

Welcome to the Landscape Hydrology Laboratory, a research unit within the Soil and Water Sciences Department at the University of Florida.

The LHL promotes teaching, research, and outreach activities related to hydrologic processes. The motivation of the LHL is grounded in water resource sustainability. We emphasize both water security for human use and protection of natural systems. We support minimizing and remediating human impacts on hydrologic ecosystems. We work on diverse problems that range in spatial scale from 10-4 to 104 km2 and temporal scales from days to centuries. We prioritize macroscopic perspectives, with implications at large spatial scales and long temporal scales.

Our work is focused in three major areas:

(1) hydrologic landscapes: how do disparate landscape elements interact to support hydrological, biogeochemical, and biological functions at landscape scales?

(2) humans + hydrology: how do coupled feedbacks between society and natural systems affect urban water security and global food security?

(3) water quality protection: how can we best minimize, and reverse, human impacts on water quality?

Thank you for visiting us,

Jim Jawitz, Professor and Associate Chair